Special Consideration (Including Extensions)

Special Consideration (Including Extensions)

If you are experiencing circumstances beyond your control which are likely to affect your academic performance, you can apply for special consideration.

Applying for special consideration is not the same as simply asking for an extension from your tutor/ lecturer or subject coordinator. If you need a week (or less) for an extension for an assignment, talk to your tutor or subject co-ordinator first to request an extension to complete your assignment. If you have valid grounds they cannot unreasonably refuse you an extension.

If, however, you need more time, or you feel that you need to explain why your academic performance has been affected, then fill out an application for special consideration online.


You must request an extension before the assessment due date.

Leave during an exam

If you leave during an exam, or even complete the exam but became unwell during the exam, you must lodge your application for special consideration within two working days.

Miss an exam

If you miss an exam due to illness or misadventure - submit an application for an alternative (special) exam as soon as possible. It's best to do this on the day of the exam so that you can take the Form provided to your medical practitioner the same day. You have two working days to complete the application.

It is very important to pay careful attention to these deadlines. Late applications are only accepted if you can provide proof of exceptional circumstances that prevented you from applying on time.

#Special Consideration

  • Special consideration is not automatically granted and may not result in a study or mark adjustment 
  • Submit special consideration applications for an assignment prior to due date
  • Submit special consideration applications with 48 hours of missing an in-class quiz or exam
  • Late applications may be lodged in exceptional circumstances, and must be supported by documentary evidence for the late submission
  • Keep all original supporting documentation