International Collective

International Collective

International Officer: Raghav Motani

#What do we do?

The International Collective is an autonomous student body embedded within the University of Technology Sydney Student Association (UTSSA). The International Collective represents the interests of all international students enrolled in the UTS, with the objective of supporting and enhancing our experiences and achievements. The International Collective is dedicated to providing resources and support to you throughout academic and other student resources. We not only promote and assist the welfare, social, educational, and cultural activities and involvements of international students, but also promote goodwill and understanding amongst international students and Australians.

The Collective is run for and by international students, advocating for international students’ issues. The Collective aims to make the transition into Australian society and the university system less stressful by promoting inclusion among the local community and international students. Many international students have never lived so far away from their families and friends, and it can be challenging to adjust to their new life while studying and living in Australia, especially when facing difficulties such as language and cultural barriers or financial, personal, and mental hardships. Sometimes we might even need help and resources to deal with rental, medical, and legal issues etc.. The International Collective is here to guide you through these challenges.

In addition to all the challenges international students face, we are at the same time excited about the possibility of our future in this new country. For example, our academic and career development. As international students in Australia, how can we make the most of it? Where can we find the most useful resources for personal development and achievements related to the community at large or employment, internship, volunteer opportunities and experiences? Again, the International Collective is here to assist you.


As our journey as international students evolves over time, you might become aware that we have relatively limited working rights, welfare, and protection compared to others. However, never think you are too small to change this. Together, we are stronger. By joining the International Collective, you are part of the family and can have a real impact. As international students, our voices need to be heard. Our position needs to be switched from passive acceptance to active participation in the local community. The international student community needs ‘a strong voice’ to ask questions on their behalf, and assist them with their studies and daily living at UTS. The international Collective is ‘a voice’ - a voice for each and every one of our fellow international students at the UTS and make sure UTS is a place where our capacities are maximised.


You can join the International Collective as long as you are currently enrolled as an international student at UTS. You can sign up for the International Collective through the QR code provided below, and you will receive our emails with updates on the latest events. We have regular meetings that all international students can attend and engage in. Come and see what the Collective is up to, pitch ideas for campaigns and events, and meet friends. The Collective is also active in many online spaces. Follow us on social media to keep up with the Collective and our campaigns, stay social and find out when our meetings are happening. Also, feel free to reach out to the Collective online to ask any questions about the Collective and how to get involved.

Read the letter To International students to find out more:


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