International Collective

International Collective

International Officer: Luna Manandhar
Convenor: Antara Narayan

#What do we do?

The International Collective is a Collective run by international students for the international students at UTS from diverse cultural backgrounds that advocates and supports them in every aspect to make their university journey a worthy experience while they are pursuing their career journey at UTS.

Many international students from all around the world dream to come to Australia as their study destination because of its world-class education and multicultural community. It is a delightful opportunity to study, explore and experience the international environment and develop personal and professional skills. Many international students have never lived far away from their home and family and travelled abroad for their education. The international students often have difficulty to adjust Australian life and culture. However, they do face some personal challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences and financial hardship.

Coming to a new country and university can be challenging to balance between studies and work along with your health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is crucial to forming a network of friends around you and a support system. And International collective will work its best to provide support and fill the gap between the students and university. Also, International collective suggests and encourages the student to engage and network with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and make new friends. Moreover, International collective will provide the platform to network through various events and to campaign and talk about the issues you care about. The collective has meetings on a fortnightly to monthly basis where we discuss the issues and enact solutions to them.

Lastly, the International Collective acknowledges that the year 2020 has been a challenging year for international students due to COVID-19. Many international students are still overseas due to the travel ban. International students who are in Australia have lost their job, are in financial stress results in affecting their mental health. The International Collective will help and support international students to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

To know more about what is in the bag for 2021, you can attend monthly meetings and get involved with The International Collective.

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