International Collective

International Collective

International Officer: Mansingh Jatav

#What do we do?

Thousands of international students from all around the world come to Australia as their study destination because of its attractive beaches, world-class education, and diverse culture.

It is a wonderful opportunity to study abroad both for personal and professional development however, it can also lead to some considerable personal challenges. In the collective we talk of the struggles international students face with regards to their mental health issues. Comparatively international students are at risk of psychological problems leading to depression, anxiety and frustration which is likely to occur because of the different culture, different country, and different expectations.

Coming to a new country and university can be challenging not only between studies and work but also with your personal wellbeing. It is, therefore, crucial to form a network of friends and a support system. 

That is where the International Collective comes in. The International Collective, is a group run by the students and for the students in order to make their life here at UTS much easier by helping them in every aspect. We encourage student engagement and networking with the diverse cultures, making new friends and having a platform to campaign and talk about issues you care about.

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