Equipment Loans All the essentials at just the right time.

Equipment Loans

#What is it?

Forgot your calculator or lab goggles for an exam, assessment or practical? Come and visit us!

The UTS Students' Association supports UTS students in times of need with short-term equipment loans of calculators or lab goggles, free stationery and emergency sanitary products.

We can also assist with internet access for UTS students experiencing financial hardship.

#Calculator and Lab Goggle Loans

To support students during this time we now offer calculator loans for
up to seven days.

Calculators Available:

Casio Fx-82AU Plus II
Casio Fx-100AU Plus
HP20B (Business)

To borrow a calculator or lab goggles, simply email us at

#Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Dongles

"Digital inclusion is now an essential prerequisite for all young people being able to fully participate in education"
- Anne Hampshire, head of Research and Advocacy at The Smith Family

The UTS Students' Association recognises the importance of reliable internet access for students studying at UTS, but not all students are financially able to afford this. Optus and Good360 have generously partnered with us to offer mobile data and phone calls to students who are facing financial hardship.

If you are a UTS student facing financial hardship and in need of reliable internet access, we have a welfare service offering mobile internet and phone calls to students in need.

For more information, reach out to us directly by emailing, or phoning (02) 9514 1155, or visiting our office at Cb01.03.22.

#Free Period Products and Condoms

Free period products and condoms are available for all UTS students in our Office Cb01.03.22

In 2023 we partnered with the Respect Now Always team to run a pilot study at UTS to tackle period poverty and expand our sanitary item services.  These products are for everyone: from students who are struggling to afford to buy them, to those that forgot to bring a spare – please take them and use them! You can find out more about our pilot study here.

Where can I find free period products?

Free period products are available in the following locations on campus:

- UTS Students' Association Office, Cb01.03.22
- Female toilet in The Underground, Cb01.03
- Female, intersex and disabled toilets in Cb02.03
- Female toilet in Cb02.07
- Female and disabled toilets in Cb07.03
- Female toilet in Cb11.04

#Free Stationery

We are all for sustainability - reuse, recycle.

If you are in need of a stationery item, or have one you would like to donate to a new home, check out our Stationery Swap Shelves, located outside Cb01.03.25. You never know what you might find!

#Where is it?

Simply visit the UTSSA Office in the


UTS Tower Building - CB01.03.22 (near the Food Court).

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