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Peer Tutoring

#What is it?

The Peer Tutor service connects UTS students who need help with a subject with students who have achieved a credit, distinction or high distinction final result in the same subject and are willing to help other students. Peer Tutoring offers affordable private tutoring to UTS students.

Our Peer Tutoring service connects UTS students who need help with a subject with students who have achieved a credit, distinction or high distinction

#Need a Peer Tutor?

Are you struggling with a subject and think you could benefit from some private tutoring? We may have someone who can help you. Most tutors charge a minimum of $25 per hour, paid directly to the tutor by the student during each lesson. Please ensure the hourly rate is agreed upon BEFORE tutoring occurs.

To request a UTSSA Peer Tutor you need to: 

  1. Be a current UTS student
  2. Complete the Request a Peer Tutor Form

Please ensure that you have included your UTS email address as we can only send Peer Tutor contact details to a UTS email and, that both the UTS course name(s) and number(s) are accurate and legible. These are the items we use to search our database.

#Become A UTSSA Peer Tutor

Are you patient and think you can share your knowledge with students who need some extra help?

Peer Tutors are UTS students who have completed a subject at UTS with a grade of credit, distinction or high distinction and are willing to help other students. The aim of the UTSSA Peer Tutoring Program is to offer students who are having difficulty with a subject support through tutoring from a fellow student who has performed well in the same subject.

To become a UTSSA Peer Tutor you need to:

  1.  Be a current UTS student, and
  2.  Achieve a grade of credit, distinction or high distinction in a UTS subject.

How do I register?

  1. a completed Become a Peer Tutor Form available below
  2. a copy of your current UTS student ID card
  3. a copy of your current UTS Academic Transcript showing both your name and UTS student number

Please note, to assist us in verifying students please send your email from your UTS student email account. Once we receive your email we will verify your application and send you a confirmation email.


How to do Peer Tutoring Online

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are two University-supported platforms suitable for tutoring.

The Peer Tutor and student should discuss the most appropriate platform for their tutoring sessions based on the learning requirements and access of each at the time of booking.

Using Zoom: Using UTS Systems - Zoom Getting Started with Zoom Participating in Zoom Meetings – which includes the Quick Guide for UTS Students.

How to do Peer Tutoring Face to Face

With the return to learning on campus, peer tutors have the option of tutoring face to face on campus. If you would prefer to meet your tutor on campus, and utilise a quiet space such as the Library for your tutoring session, please discuss this with your tutor before committing to the tutoring session.  

Please note that tutoring face to face is always at the discretion of the peer tutor.

How can payment be made?

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer during the tutoring session. We recommend that tutors request the student present a screen shot of electronic payment during the tutoring session. This allows the tutor to see that the payment has been made while the student is in their tutoring session. Peer Tutors and students should discuss payment, including payment method, at the time of booking the first session.

#For more information:



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