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#What is the UTSSA?

The UTS Students’ Association (UTSSA) is here to represent, support and advocate for the UTS student body. Run by students, for students, we run a number of free services to make sure that your time at uni is as enjoyable, rewarding and stress-free as possible.

For those passionate about activism and the student movement, there are several opportunities to get involved

#What do we do?

Adjusting to the demands of uni can be challenging, so if you find yourself struggling with coursework, we offer to connect students through paid Peer Tutoring. 

Our Advocacy and Advice Service is also available for students faced with more serious problems concerning allegations of misconduct, querying results, applying for special consideration, appeals for exclusion and other academic issues. We also offer a legal service where UTS students can access free legal advice.

For those passionate about activism and the student movement, there are several opportunities to get involved. There are specific departments in place to represent and advocate for various groups and issues including Women’s, Queer, Indigenous, Ethnocultural, Environmental and Welfare. We also assist in running the Political, Educational, Religious and Cultural (PERC) clubs.

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, between student budgets, 9am lectures and Sydney public transport, it’s easy for it to be overlooked. That’s why we have the Bluebird Brekkie Bar. You can get a free breakfast Tuesdays 8:30-11:00am in the Haymarket Courtyard, or on Wednesdays 8:30-11:00am in the Tower Building Foyer. We also offer free dinners with the Night Owl Noodle Bar in the Tower Building Foyer every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-7:30pm.

Our acclaimed student publication also publishes student work both written or visual. So, for our passionate writers and artists, our team at Vertigo would love to receive your submissions!

#How can I get involved?

It's pretty simple! Everyone can be involved with the work of the Students' Association. Whether it be a one-off thing, like coming to an event or contributing to Vertigo, or a more permanent involvement, through joining a collective or a PERC club, there's something for everyone.

We encourage all students to get involved. So if you wish to get in touch, email students.association@uts.edu.au or call (02) 9514 1155.

Join A Collective

Each department in the Students' Association runs a collective which meets regularly to share ideas, discuss issues and design campaigns. Attending a meeting is a great way to meet like-minded people and find out how you can be more involved.

'Like' us on Facebook

Keep up to date with the activities of the UTSSA through the Facebook page, and encourage your friends to 'like' us too

#Join our mailing list

Register as a member of the UTSSA when you drop in to to office, you can receive regular update through our mailing list. This is a great tool to find out about UTSSA campaigns and events.