The UTS Students' Association (UTSSA) is an independent organisation run by students, for students. We run campaigns based on student issues, provides free student services, and support student collectives and clubs in their initiatives.The UTSSA is governed by the Student Representative Council (SRC), who are elected annually & meet monthly. All students are welcome to come along to SRC Meetings.

We are more than a service provider, we are a voice for students at UTS. Students today still face discrimination because of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and their (dis)ability. The UTSSA provides a voice for students who face discrimination through our collectives and departments. The departments provide a space for students to feel safe and work together to fight discrimination through collective organising.

If you want your university experience to be more than just coming to class, and you want to ensure you have the support you need, then make sure you join your Students' Association. We're here to represent you so let us know what you need and what you stand for.


The Students' Association provides free services:


The Students' Association supports:


How can I get involved?

It's pretty simple! Everyone can be involved with the work of the Students' Association. Whether it be a one-off thing, like coming to an event or contributing to Vertigo, or a more permanent involvement, through joining a collective or a PERC club, there's something for everyone.

  • Join a Collective

Each department in the Students' Association runs a collective which meets regularly to share ideas, discuss issues and design campaigns. If you are interested in a specific department or issue, contact the relevant officebearer (contact details are in the departments section). Attending a meeting is a great way to meet like-minded people and find out how you can be more involved.

  • 'Like' us on Facebook      

Keep up to date with the activities of the UTSSA through the Facebook page, and encourage your friends to 'like' us too:

  • Join our mailing list for free

Register as a member of the UTSSA when you drop in to to office, you can receive regular update through our mailing list. This is a great tool to find out about UTSSA campaigns and events.


Contact Us
For more ways to get involved, contact us and find out what the Students' Association is up to.  If you have any spare time and want to help us out with anything, then come and find out how!

UTS Tower Building 1, Level 3, Room 22 
Phone (02) 9514 1155