Ethnocultural Collective

Ethnocultural Collective

Ethnocultural Officer: Melodie Grafton

#Who are we?

The UTS Ethnocultural Collective is an autonomous safe space for anyone who identifies as Indigenous, a Person of Colour, or as marginalised by mainstream Australian monoculture- to come together, discuss, and share experiences of identity.

The UTS Ethnocultural Collective aims to advocate for marginalised student groups in its social and political organising. This may include campaigns, rally contingents, or organising political actions. The UTS Ethnocultural Collective is staunchly against all kinds of marginalisation, oppression, and prejudice.

The Collective also serves as a space for members to informally hang out and meet new people.

Students who do not qualify for the autonomy of the Collective, are free to support the Collective through liking our Facebook page and attending public events.

#What's in store for 2020?

Great question! Our plan for 2020 involves the continued respect of different students coming from various ethnic backgrounds, races, religions and beliefs. It is the Ethnocultural Collectives steadfast commitment to celebrate each individual's unique diversity across the campus through regular events and on occasions of celebration.

Harnessing the support of the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Ethnocultural Collective is firm on advocacy through the running of anti-racism campaigns across our campus. The Collective introduces campaigns on topical issues related to diversity often together with local universities and the National Union of Students (NUS) where protests, rallies and campaigns occur as required. The Ethnocultural Collective warmly welcomes you to UTS where community is at the heart of all the work we do here at the Student Representative Council (SRC). If I can be of any support or assistance, please feel free to get in touch via email at or say ‘hello’ if you spot me on campus.

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