Ethnocultural Collective

Ethnocultural Collective

Ethno - Cultural Committee Officer : Adrian Lal

#Who are we?

The Ethnocultural Collective is a one of many collectives within the UTS Students' Association that comprises of students from across many ethnic backgrounds, races, religions and beliefs.

It is a diverse collective that aims to promote harmony and peace through the collective experience cultural diversity. Our meetings are a space of inclusion and respect and do not possess a hierarchy system. Instead we have an elected SRC (*Student Representative to the Council) that proactively makes sure that day to day activities run efficiently.

#What's in store for 2019?

We would like to help run more ethnocultural events that celebrates our strength in diversity, alongside working with within the collective and the SRC to run anti-racism campaigns.

We hope 2019 is a year of greater diversity and inclusion but I need your help. If you want to support the mission of the ethnocultural collective, please get involved

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