Nomination Information for Candidates Student Election

Nomination Information for Candidates

The election is governed by the UTS Students’ Association Constitution as amended and the Election Regulation as amended. Copies are available at the Students' Association Office and at

Please read the PDF documents very CAREFULLY.

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Returning Officer, Matthew Gregg, on 0466 001 862 or at

Matthew Gregg
UTSSA Returning Officer
Phone: 0466 001 862

Want to get involved? Download the candidate nomination and/or list registration form below.


Q: What do I need to do to nominate someone to be a UTSSA Student Rep?

The nomination of a candidate for election shall be made in writing on the approved Nomination Form, signed by three (3) students eligible to vote for that particular position and countersigned by the candidate indicating their willingness to accept the nomination. Candidates may also submit a policy statement and a photograph for identification to appear in the election edition of Vertigo (this is not compulsory but advised). Statements and photos must also be provided digitally, via USB or email.

Q: Do you get paid to be a student rep?

The following elected representatives positions are paid an honorarium. 

●            President

●            General Secretary

●            Assistant General Secretary

●            Education Officer

●            Welfare Officer

●            Indigenous Students’ Officer 

●            Postgraduate Officer 

●            Women's Officer 

●            International Students' Officer 

●            Vertigo Editorial Team (of between 6 and 12 students)

Q: How much of my time will it require?

This is dependent on the position. See all position descriptions in the Constitution and by-laws for an indication of time commitment requirements.

Q: What are the benefits of working for the Student Association?

You get to be a part of shaping the future for students at UTS while also giving yourself the opportunity to innovate, grow, and become a leader both now and into the future.

Q: Where can I find information about the governance of the UTSSA?

These can be found at https://utsstudentsassociation...

Q: Do I have to campaign? Are there rules about what I can and can’t do when campaigning?

To increase your chances of winning we highly recommend you campaign. Please refer to the Election Regulations and Nomination Info sheets for campaign rules.

Q: Do I have to attend meetings?

Yes, you will likely sit on committees and attend a range of meetings representing the interests of the UTSSA. 

Q: Will I have space to work if required?

The President and General Secretary have an office in the Tower Building. All other reps are able to book the Activist space as required.