Queer Collective

Queer Collective

Queer Officers: Frankie Dayot and Melissa Sara

#Who are we?

The UTS Queer Collective is an autonomous collective for and by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary intersex, asexual, or questioning students.

We are a safe space for any queer or questioning student and we prioritise privacy and autonomy for the safety of all our members. We provide an autonomous queer space, accessible by card only by queer and questioning UTS students, and a private Facebook page and new discord server. It’s a great place to make friends, advocate for queer issues and get started in queer activism. 

It's a safe space to forge friendships and build community, and we host regular events, as well as weekly meetings, as well as advocating for the welfare of queer students.

#What we do?

We run a card-access only queer space and autonomous events, which means we work hard to ensure that all members are safe at university. We’ll work hard to make sure our online spaces are autonomous too, so members won’t be outed by attending or checking out our events.

Come along for the weekly meeting, where we update the collective on queer news, rallies, and members have a say in upcoming social events and how the collective runs. For 2020, we’re looking to make the collective accessible. We’ll be planning accessible day events like movie screenings and picnics. We’ll work hard on queer education through the annual ‘You can’t ask that’ panel, bring in experts to talk about your legal rights as a queer person or on queer health, and advocate for sexual assault survivors on campus. We look forward to supporting rallies for queer issues and supporting inclusive events by queer multicultural organisations. 

If you have any queries, or for more information about the collective, feel free to reach out to the 2020 Queer officers.


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