Wom*n’s Collective

Womn’s Collective

Women’s Officer: Bella Forti

#Who are we?

We’re shaved head, hairy legged feminist killjoys burning bras and aprons, a cult sisterhood of the travelling pink dildo and bare-chested fem-bots ready to storm the citadel!

Okay not exactly, but while there’s some good ideas in there, the UTS Women’s Collective is a place of education and support for women and non-binary students passionate about social change. In a general sense, collectives are for people who share a common interest or common oppression to come together to organise and fight for justice and social change. In this case, UTS Women’s Collective is for all students who experience sexism, misogyny and oppression from the patriarchy as women or as non-binary persons. While the world has made some decent strides, gender-based discrimination and oppression remain woven into the fabric of our society.

At the core of the Women’s Collective is a Feminism by the brand of ‘Intersectional Feminism’. Kimberle Crenshaw, a law professor and a scholar on critical race theory, coined the term ‘intersectionality’ as a way to explain the oppression of African-American women. We all have multiple social identities, but intersectionality is a tool specifically for understanding the experiences of those with multiple marginalised social identities. It allows us to conceptualise how power collides and intersects in ways a singular analysis is unable to do.  

The UTS Women’s Collective is a place of education and support for women and non-binary students passionate about social change

#What we do?

Whether it’s gender pay gaps, unrealistic beauty standards or bodily autonomy, these issues are fundamentally rooted in our society’s white, Western, male dominated power structure.

The weekly meetings operate as the space in which we discuss how these issues affect us and organise and build campaigns to combat them. The meetings are also where we get to know and share with one another in a judgement free space. Throughout this year, we also plan to host regular informal events and gatherings, like movie nights, crafternoons, and drop in chat sessions. All of the above are integral to our development as strong and capable collective agents for change. If you’re passionate about feminism and social justice, the UTS Women’s Collective is the perfect place to start, with a group of likeminded, equally passionate people ready and waiting.

#How to get involved?

Maybe you want a Women’s Collective where we reject the bonds of our oppression through setting ablaze uncomfortable feminine clothing, or a place for sisterly love, hair braiding and emotional support.

The Women’s Collective is what you make of it by your involvement. Join our Facebook group for the latest updates on how to get involved.


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