Women’s Collective

Women’s Collective

Women’s Officer: Aylin Cihan

#Who are we?

The Women’s Collective (WoCo) is the UTSSA’s organisation for feminism activism. We are a network of misogyny-affected students (all students who are not cisgender men) who seek to incite intersectional social change.

As a Collective we gather on Indigenous land, specifically land belonging to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. The violent occupation of this land and the unique relationship that Indigenous women have with the patriarchy are reminders that our feminism must be Intersectional.

We are committed to educating the community as a judgement-free forum for misogyny-affected people to participate in conversations about these issues.

WoCo’s pursuit of gender equality is staunchly anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and seeks to dismantle cisheteropatriarchy through political action. 

#What we do?

We not only participate in outward political action such as rallies, petitions and strikes, we also educate amongst ourselves through reading groups and forums.

Alongside our weekly organising meetings, in 2021 WoCo ran a reading group for Angela Davis’ book ‘Women, Race and Class’. We also held fortnightly ‘Radical Rants’ which was a forum and discussion space for radically leftist ideas. WoCo also provides a social space for activists. The Women’s Space in Building 3 (CB3.4.32) is open 24/7 for all misogyny-affected students to hang out.

#How to get involved?

We meet every two weeks, and are always excited to see new faces!

The Women’s Collective is what you make of it by your involvement. Join our Facebook group for the latest updates on how to get involved.


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