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​How does UTSSA Peer Tutoring work?​

UTS students can register to tutor other students in any UTS subject they have completed with a result of Credit, Distinction or High Distinction at UTS.

Once registered, we will email your name and preferred contact details to students who request help with your subject(s). The student can then contact you directly to discuss availability and payment. 

Peer Tutors and students can meet online or in person. If meeting in person, we recommend meeting in a public place such as the UTS Library. The Peer Tutor and student should discuss the most appropriate platform for their tutoring sessions based on the learning requirements and access of each, at the time of booking the first session.

The recommended rate to charge students is $25 per hour, paid directly to the tutor by the student, during each lesson. We cannot guarantee how much work you will receive as this will depend on the demand for your subject(s), however, it costs nothing to register for this service which is run to assist students in their studies.

We email Peer Tutors annually to update their details and confirm that they are still available to tutor. Please ensure you respond to this email to remain on the database for that year.

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  • Note: To become a UTSSA Peer Tutor a result of Credit, Distinction or High Distinction in a subject completed at UTS is required in each subject(s) listed.

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