Invigilated Exam Tips

opening times

Prepare your exam space ahead of time, advise others that you need quiet, and check your equipment and your internet connection!

hand card

Ensure you have your Student ID Card

raised hand

Be careful not to have any writing on your hands or arms – remove any course or study material from your room or exam space unless it is an open book exam

jeans pocket

Dress appropriately! Hats, hoodies or sunglasses probably aren’t going to be permitted either


Switch off your mobile phone! In fact, switch off any notifications that may come through any of your devices – including your computer. You don’t need the distraction

ruler pencil

Be mindful that this type of supervision means that you can’t be looking around your room or your exam space – if you have anything on the walls that may distract you – maybe take them down for the exam period


If you are doing an open book exam – check what it is exactly that you are permitted to use.


Double check your exam schedule, and carefully read the requirements

sick face

Do not attend an exam if you are unwell - apply online for Special Consideration for an alternative exam – and see your health professional THAT DAY