Vertigo Article A Heartfelt Celebration of Blood and Recovery: Period Party by Georgia Brogan

by Isabel James

Vertigo Article

Red glitter-dipped tampons hanging on a string as decoration; handmade pink paper uteruses stuck on the wall; and a red uterus-shaped piñata filled with red candy, complete with fallopian tubes, ovaries, and a stick with “CRAMPS” painted onto it to break it open... It's outlandish, it’s campy, and it’s fantastic.

Content Warning: this article contains discussion of eating disorders.

The film opens with a shot of our protagonist Beatrice (‘Bee’) sleeping peacefully. The gentle morning light shines on her freckled skin and ginger hair, the frame washed in the beautiful springtime tones of pastel green, pink and yellow. We hear the sound of birds chirping softly, interrupted by an occasional clunking coming from the kitchen. Then, Bee opens her eyes, awoken by her mother yelling out to her from off screen:

‘Beatrice, my vagina is melting!’

After some convincing, Bee’s mother coaxes her to the kitchen to help her fix the disaster: a pink and red vagina shaped cake decorated in admirable detail, which has been iced too early, and is now “a sloppy mess.

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