Executive Report - Treasurer July 2020

Tallulah Watson Moyle – Treasurer

Executive Report - Treasurer July 2020

In the last month, the team and I have been supporting the current political movement towards racial equality. Australia has a long way to go with stopping police brutality and Indigenous deaths in custody. I, and the executive, are keen to ensure that this opportunity for social change is not wasted, and we will continue to support this in as many ways as we can.

It feels like ages since our last SRC meeting and this is possibly because for the last month I have been back at work and not sitting around for days on end like I did in lockdown.

Since the last SRC meeting, the Australian government announced an increase in fees for future Arts and humanitarian degrees. As someone who is studying one of these degrees and enjoying it immensely, I am saddened. These degrees are incredibly important to understanding and questioning the world around us and creating future civic participants who can properly employ critical thinking in everything they do. We and the executive teams after us will have to stay ahead of these fee increases and adapt appropriately to support students who may want to study these degrees.

Another current challenge of ours is figuring out how to transition the SRC election for this year to online because we are still living in a global pandemic, of course. A pandemic that does not seem to be letting up any time soon like I had hoped. Having an online election has not been done before at UTS and includes many complicated variables. We will be sure to keep you updated on what we decide.