Studying at Home Tips

For most of us, studying an entire semester online is a new experience, and one which can be quite challenging and overwhelming at times. The UTS Students’ Association would like to share 10 tips to hopefully assist you with a positive online learning experience.

1. Create a comfortable and quiet space to study

2. Make and stick to a study schedule

3. Ensure to take regular breaks – to eat, nap, exercise and soak up some sunshine

4. Ensure to hydrate yourself by drinking water, and limit your caffeine intake

5. Set yourself realistic goals as to what you will achieve each day

6. Unplug from social media and disconnect from the news

7. Reach out to your classmates and/or support system if feeling overwhelmed

8. Create a soothing playlist to make your study space calm and enjoyable

9. Congratulate yourself each day on your achievements

10. Most importantly, keep yourself safe and healthy