Student Notice Proposed amendments to the constitution

Student Notice

Constitutional Amendments shall be considered by SRC on:

DATE: Tuesday, 30 November 2021
TIME: 6:00pm
Place: Zoom link to be provided on the day via email and social media.

Note words underlined indicate an addition, and words with a strikethrough indicate a deletion if any. All references to the ‘Constitution’ are references to the Constitution of the University of Technology Sydney Students’ Association.

1. That section 4.1 of the Constitution be omitted, replace with:

4.1 Membership of the SRC is comprised of the persons who hold the following positions:

(a) The directly elected student members of the University Council (each an ex-officio member);

(b) the President;

(c) the General Secretary;

(d) the Assistant General Secretary;

(e) the Education Officer;

(f) the Welfare Officer;

(g) the Indigenous Students’ Officer;

(h) the Postgrad Officer;

(i) the Women’s Officer;

(j) the International Students’ Officer; and

(k) 14 General Members,

each, a Councillor.

2. That section 5.5 be amended to omit the words ‘two-thirds majority’, replace with ‘absolute majority’.

3. That section 5.5 be amended to omit the words ‘his or her’, replace with ‘their’.

4. That section 5.5(b)(iii) be amended to omit the words ‘where that failure cannot be remedied,’.

5. That sections 13.1(a) and 13.1(b) of the Constitution be amended to omit the words ‘next Representatives Elect meeting’, replace with ‘start of the next Term of Office’ in every instance.

6. That sections 13.3 and 13.4 of the Constitution be omitted, replace section 13.3 with:

13.3 Notwithstanding 13.2, if nominations for a general election of the Executive and the SRC have opened, the casual vacancy may be filled for the remainder of the departing Councillor’s Term of Office by the person elected to that position in that general election, otherwise the position may remain vacant.