Student Housing Case Study

Student Housing Case Study

What has happened?

Megan lives in UTS Housing and is coming to the end of her second semester of study. Megan had some friends visit over the weekend for a social event, and unfortunately their behaviours led to her getting a ‘Please Explain” Notice that could result in her being asked to leave her accommodation. She needs to attend meetings with Housing to discuss the matter, and then prepare a response to the Notice she has received. Megan is quite distressed and has contacted the Students’ Association Student Advocacy Service for advice to help her to deal with this situation.

How can we help?

In the first instance we are able to assist Megan to prepare a response to her Notice from Housing, however it is just as important to also consider the impact of this event, and the disruption that it is now having on her ability to attend to her studies.

Megan has a few final assignments due, and she still needs to attend lectures and tutorials whilst trying to manage the stress she is experiencing with her Housing now at risk. We advise Megan that she can also access the Counselling Service for emotional support.

We would also encourage and assist Megan to apply for extensions or special consideration for assignments that are due in the next couple of weeks as this unexpected event has affected her ability to concentrate and focus on her study.  

Contact the UTSSA office on (02) 9514 1155 if you need help with a housing matter.