Student Housing When Things Don't Go As Planned

Student Housing

​Dear Caseworker,

I am very upset and unsure where to go for help. Yesterday, my friend Carlos and I got into a fight at Yura Mudang Housing. I loaned Carlos some money which he has not paid back. Carlos got angry when I asked him to pay me back as soon as possible and approached me aggressively and was yelling at me. I pushed him because he was in my personal space, then he hit me and we got into a fight. Witnesses called security and we were separated from one another. I have to meet with the Residential Life Officer tomorrow, and have been told that I will be given a Termination of Licence Agreement letter. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?


Peter (Anonymous)

Dear Peter (Anonymous),

The Students’ Association is here to help. We can provide you with the following support:

·         Provide you the opportunity to discuss the incident in a safe environment - we are great listeners!

·         Come along to any meetings that you are required to attend as a support person

·         Assist you with preparing an appeal in response to the Termination of Licence Agreement letter, including discussing any evidence or mitigating circumstances that may support your appeal.

At some point over the next week it might be good to make an appointment where we can discuss your case, please call us on +61 9514 1155, or see us at our drop-in session which runs every Tuesday from 10am-2pm.

Kind Regards,

Students’ Association