Special Consideration Explained

Special Consideration Explained

Students may need to apply for special consideration for a range of reasons whether it’s for a single assessment task, an exam or for overall general performance:-  

·         for an extension of time to complete an assessment task

·         for missing an exam

·         for impeded performance during an exam or throughout the semester.

Students who are registered with Accessibility Services – students with health conditions or a disability, or those who have carer responsibilities should already have submitted their application for special consideration at the beginning of the semester. But there are those unexpected illnesses, personal circumstances or emergency situations that may affect a student’s ability to complete assessment work on time, or to perform at their best throughout the semester.

First and foremost – check your subject outline for guidance if you wish to request an extension of time to submit your assessment – you may be able to email your subject coordinator if it is a request for a few days or less than a week.

Generally, the process for requesting special consideration is now an online process and you will need to provide a medical certificate, a professional authority form, or other supporting documentation. It is important to check the timeframes for submitting an application – for example - for an assessment task you will usually need to apply BEFORE the due date of the assessment.

There are no set outcomes for special consideration if your performance has been affected by unforeseen circumstances. Check the University website for possible outcomes – simply expecting that you will be given a few more marks is unrealistic. Subject coordinators have to take a number of things into consideration. https://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managing-your-course/classes-and-assessment/special-circumstances/special

Note:   If your subject outline states that no extensions will be given, or that applications for special consideration will not be allowed – and you have genuine reasons for seeking special consideration – it is important to get advice rather than feel that your situation is hopeless. Special consideration exists to support students who are experiencing difficulties that affect their studies – so it is always best to ask and get assistance at the time that you need it.