Self Care Tips

The uncertainty and unpredictability of COVID-19 has us all feeling a little overwhelmed. Therefore, the UTS Students’ Association would like to remind you all to stay safe and encourage you to practice self-care in order to look after your overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Self-Care Ideas

1. Make time to exercise outdoors each day

2. Take a break from the news and only seek information from trusted sources

3. Listen to your favourite songs which are associated with happy memories

4. Practice gratitude- what three things are you grateful for today?

5. Take a nap

6. Cook yourself a nice meal

7. Stay in touch with family and friends via text, phone calls and/or social media

8. Read an uplifting book

9. Draw, colour, bake, create – anything that keeps you busy

10. Book a telehealth appointment with a mental health professional