Queer Collective: The importance of the ‘Queers for Palestine’ movement The importance of the ‘Queers for Palestine’ movement

By Daewah Thein

These people say that ‘queers for Palestine’ is the equivalent of saying ‘chickens for KFC’ and that if the queer community stepped foot in Gaza they would be thrown off a rooftop.

Not only is this a gross generalisation that excludes Palestinian allies, whether they live under Israeli occupation, in Australia or anywhere else in the world. It also neglects the fact that the queer community shares an inherent solidarity with the Palestinian people and beyond that all other oppressed peoples globally.

We also mustn’t let the IDF and their pundits try to pinkwash the atrocities happening in Gaza. The fact that the IDF allows its LGBTQIA+ veterans to express their sexual and gender identities when serving in their military is often a talking point by political centrists in the west as to why the IDF is somehow an ‘ethical’ army. The IDF is suddenly NOT “the world’s most ethical army” as many say just because they are tolerant to LGBTQIA+ foot-soldiers whilst they openly commit war crimes genocide. Instead we must unequivocally stand in solidarity with our queer Palestinian bothers and sisters and send a message that we are allies for the liberation of Palestine.