Executive Report - President July 2020

Sam Silcock - President

Executive Report - President July 2020

In the last month we have had quite a few new challenges that we have been facing and new developments. Obviously, we have had a significant funding reduction for our budget for the year which will be somewhat mitigated by being able to cut costs through running partially online for the year but will ultimately hit the Students’ Association quite hard.

I’ve been working recently on finding a solution to run elections for this year and it has proven to be the most difficult task so far for me during my term. We have two main options for running elections later this year and I will present these options further in the meeting, it will also likely be necessary to make some changes to our election regulations which we should hopefully be able to do in the next SRC meeting once we have come to some decision as to where to go with running our elections.

We’ve also been working on creating more engagement with the brand of the Students’ Association by creating a video which will be displayed as part of our orientation efforts along with an event which will be for students to meet us and ask us questions.

From my understanding the University reactivation for next semester will be quite expansive with many classes reopening in a physical setting and this in itself will mean that students will face many challenges which I encourage everyone to be mindful of and to let me know if they notice are any major problems with the reactivation scheme especially in regards to following public health orders.

We will try and keep our services running for next semester and will try to respond as best we can to whatever fluctuating challenges will come from the next few months. Please contact me at president@utsstudentsassociation.org if you request anything from me or have any questions.