Peer Tutoring Guidelines

Peer Tutoring Guidelines

The Peer Tutoring program is a valuable service and we want our tutors and students to continue to access this service remotely.

We know that Covid-19 has impacted students, their study and their jobs. Given the current situation the UTS Students’ Association is doing what it can to support students and as part of this we continue to provide the UTS Peer Tutoring service.

Tutoring Online:

In light of current University and Health guidelines we recommend that tutors move their service to an online platform suitable for remote learning. There are a number of methods by which tutors could move their tutoring online, e.g. by Skype or Google, but there are also two University-supported platforms that are suitable for tutoring online namely, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams have a number of additional features that support tutoring remotely, such as the ability to schedule meetings, chat options and whiteboards. All UTS students and staff have access to these programs and, by using a University-supported platform, students can contact UTS IT for support, so we have included some UTS links in how to use Zoom: – which includes the Quick Guide for UTS Students.

Tutors should discuss with the student the most appropriate platform for their tutoring sessions based on the learning requirements and access of each at the time of booking.

How can Payments be Made?

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer during the tutoring session. We recommend that tutors request the student to present a screen shot of electronic payment during the tutoring session. This allows the tutor to see that the payment has been made while the student is in their tutoring session. Tutors should discuss payment including payment method at the time of booking the first session.

Our Peer Tutoring service connects UTS students who need help with a subject with students who have achieved a credit, distinction or high distinction. The UTSSA Peer Tutoring offers affordable private tutoring to UTS students. For more information contact us at