Media Release Bluebird launches Student Food Pantry

Media Release

The UTSSA is proud to announce that we will officially be launching the Bluebird Pantry on campus this Spring semester. Grounded in the principle of Mutual Aid, it is a student-run service offering free food and essential items — no strings attached.

Bluebird Brekkie and Night Owl Noodles have been providing delicious free meals on campus for ten years. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current fucked prices of groceries, food insecurity has dramatically increased for students, creating a significant barrier to our success. So, we looked at how we could help. By harnessing the powers of charitable corporate donations, food wastage, and the kind spirit of the UTS community, we have been able to collect a wide range of items to give out to you (free of charge!) in the pantry.

"For us students this is an amazing service to have on campus. The trial of the pantry last semester was a great success. Heaps of you discovered the pantry tucked away behind the food court, and were able to benefit from the supplies we had on offer. I am excited for this service to grow and change with the input of UTS students for years to come!" said Anna, UTSSA President.

Our stock is subject to change because it is all donated. However, this is what you are likely to find if you come in: 

  1. Canned foods (Think tuna, veggies, beans, soup, tomatoes, etc.)
  2. Fresh herbs and veggies 
  3. Some nice carbs (Rice, pasta, noodles and maybe bread)
  4. Coffee, tea, milk and biscuits
  5. Laundry detergent and dishwashing powder
  6. Condoms (and hopefully other contraception items in the future)
  7. Pads and even reusable period underwear (come quick before they are all taken)!

We are located down the stairs to the student kitchen near the food court (CB02.03.120). Our base opening hours are Tuesday –Thursday from 12 p.m — 3 p.m. However, pop by any time, and if one of our great student volunteers has opened the door, you are welcome to come in. If we are closed, there will be a selection of items outside the door for you to take from and a box in which you can donate products back to the pantry. 

We will also be holding a series of workshops in the pantry during the beginning of semester. Everything from Urban Foraging, to Zine making, to a simple recipe swap using ingredients from the pantry. To get involved, join our FB orgainsing group or pop down to the pantry to have a chat.