Maintaining self-hygiene and good health practices during COVID-19

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 crisis can be claimed as one of the most challenging and difficult situations majority of us have experienced throughout life. Here at the UTS Welfare Collective, we do understand the tough times students are going through, having to adapt to the new style of learning off campus, while also having to maintain self-hygiene and extreme good health practices during this difficult phase of life. To ensure that students are studying and coping throughout this crisis in a safe and hygienic environment, the UTS Welfare Collective have developed a series of tips and guidelines below regarding personal health and good hygiene practices throughout the COVID-19 crisis. These tips are provided for you to take into consideration and follow, to protect yourself and others around you from possible infection or contraction of disease as well as to prevent the virus from potentially spreading further within our community.

1) Always wash your hands with soap on a regular basis, before and after handling or touching any items, whether it be around your house or in public areas, to slow the spread of disease.

2) Maintain a regular cleaning schedule around your home or workplace, making sure to wipe down tables, chairs, benchtops etc using disinfecting agents to ensure a high level of hygiene is preserved.

3) Constantly practice social distancing by physically keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and another individual, as this distance makes it harder for the virus to spread.

4) Avoid physical contact with other people and only travel outside of your household for absolutely essential purposes.

5) Stick to the limit of no more than 2 people together for non-essential indoor and outdoor gatherings and while doing so, ensure that you maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing rule for personal health and safety reasons.

Following the above 5 tips throughout the COVID-19 crisis, will certainly ensure that there is minimal spread of the virus within the UTS community and the general public. It is important to keep maintaining these hygiene practices at all times to slow the spread of the disease and to protect ourselves from infection with the virus. Always remember these tips and keep practicing them as part of your daily routines to ensure that we are all safe, healthy and ready to return to campus as soon as the crisis has ended. Stay safe, stay well and think about your health!

Fatma Elgamal

UTS Welfare Collective Convenor