Looking for student support?

Looking for student support?

Being a student was already becoming increasingly difficulty before this lockdown, with increasing fees, decreasing access to staff, reducing quality of education and reducing access to services. And we are all familiar, some more than others, with how hard it is to be a university student in lockdown. The financial stress, deepening social inequalities, social isolation, anxiety, and separation from loved ones can be incredibly taxing, and being a student can often be an added layer of stress. 

What can the UTSSA offer in the way of academic support?

Student Advocacy Service

Our student advocacy service is free, professional, accessible, and independent from the university. 

Student advocates can offer you advice and assistance with issues relating to your course, or student misconduct. With the difficult and often complex nature of accessing social services from the government during COVID, we can help you to understand what you can access. They can also help you to query an assessment or exam result, apply for special considerations, or withdraw from courses after the census date. This can be valuable within the context of COVID, with additional pressures put onto students trying to complete studies and assessments.

Additionally, student advocates can also accompany you to any misconduct or appeals hearings with the University, and provide you with advice and assistance through this process.

You can contact the student advocacy service by: Calling us – (02) 9514 1155 

Attending one of our drop-in sessions from 10:00 am-12:00 pm, Tuesdays OR 12:00 - 2:00PM Thursdays

Student Legal Service 

If you need legal support for anything- but especially in relation to the challenges presented by COVID- you can access free legal advice regarding your employment, renting conditions, immigration, travel exemptions, family affairs etc, from our solicitor and two trainee lawyers. To access this confidential service contact the legal service at studentlegalservice@uts.edu.au or call 02 9514 2484. 

UTS Accessibility Service 

UTS itself offers many services that student can access. One is the Accessibility service. The pandemic, and especially online learning, can disproportionately affect people with disability. Students with disability who are registered with the Accessibility service can offer services such as: 

  • Providing assistance with access through individual support services and general access provisions

  • Facilitating applications and recommending exam provisions due to disadvantage 

  • Consulting with you about your needs and making recommendations for learning and assessment adjustments with your Academic Liaison Officer

To learn more click here or contact our student advocates for help navigating UTS services.


We are not receiving the education, or university experience we expected. While much of that is unavoidable due to lockdown, a lot of it isn't. We don’t need to be experiencing huge wait times for support, special considerations etc- the university should be employing enough staff members to make student services accessible. Our tutors don’t need to be overworked, understaffed, and stressed- the university has and is cutting hundreds of jobs with no real financial justification, and this has a tangible impact on our education. COVID isn’t an excuse to cut jobs. 

To learn more about this, and to get involved in the campaign against job cuts, come along to the Education Action Group’s forum on Thursday the 26th.