Financially stressed? Need a hand?

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Financially stressed? Need a hand?

Lockdown is tough, from online classes to our disrupted daily routines there are new challenges to be faced each day. One of these significant challenges is the financial impact that COVID-19 bears on students, which is why the UTS Students' Association has put together a summary of financial assistance and support services.

From support packages, short-term loans, or referrals to government and community support programs, take a look at some of the steps you can take to make sure you are financially secure during your studies.

· The UTS Student Support Package continues to provide assistance for international and local students who are experiencing financial hardship. Apply here

· There are various programs International students can apply to: - Medibank Financial Support Grant which is a maximum of one $500 grant provided per session, specific to International students. Apply through here 

- There is also a No-Interest Student Loan which offers a maximum of $3000 with flexible repayment schedules and no interest, this also applies to domestic students Apply through here

· There are also Financial Support Programs for Domestic students which you can apply here

· Digital Access Grant, which is a $500 grant, provided for software and internet access when purchasing subscriptions or a data-plan and for their renewals. You can also apply for a one off $1000 grant which goes towards the purchasing costs when higher technical specification devices are required for the course you are enrolled in.

· UTS Housing Rental Subsidy which is a $1500 subsidy provided per lease period for students currently residing in UTS Housing.

· Financial Assistance Service offers a NSW Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, a lump sum support to students in the event you need to self-isolate or quarantine. Info here

· Covid-19 Disaster Payment for those who have lost income due to COVID-19 health orders. Weekly support payments are valued between $325 to $750 per week depending on the hours of work you’ve lost. Info here

· Foodbank free food hampers for international students Foodbank delivers food hampers home and you can fill out a form here

· COVID-19 Help Hub for International Students to submit claims for financial support from the Australian gov.

· The International Student Welfare Services Hub is a comprehensive resource of opportunities and contact details for international students to access.

· Financial Saving tools and resources can be found here legal and professional help is provided there.