Student Announcement Executive Team and Office Bearers for 2021

The UTS Students’ Association (UTSSA) is pleased to announce the student executive team and office bearers for 2021. The Student Representative Council (SRC), is elected by the student body for the student body. Its role is to represent student issues, run campaigns on student initiatives, participate in national education campaigns, support safer spaces on campus, lobby for the reduction of course fees, provide a strategic direction for the UTSSA and ensure that students are represented at all decision-making levels at UTS. These are all discussed and voted on at its monthly meetings.

The SRC will be led by Aidan O’Rourke, the newly elected President. “The coming year offers the UTSSA with an opportunity to reinvigorate and proudly stand up for students after one of the most challenging years in higher education. Now more than ever the UTSSA must be a passionate student-led body to continue the fight against the attacks on education”, he said.

In their support, newly elected General Secretary Erin Dalton said: "The UTSSA will continue to support students in all the ways we have this past year. Our experiences over this past year have shown the need for student-led advocacy to protect students and the quality of our education. Additionally, the provision of support services has been more important than ever before and we look forward to continuing and expanding these services through Autumn next year. Thank you all for giving us this chance to be your representatives at this time, and please reach out to the UTSSA if you need any support."

The new SRC and Executive's term began on the 16th of November and has been elected by the UTS student body, and the election of other office-bearers was conducted on the 30th of November. They are your voice on student issues so if you see them around campus, make sure you say 'hey'.

Newly Elected Executive Team:

·         Aidan O’Rourke (President)

·         Erin Dalton (General Secretary)

·         Camille Smith (Assistant General Secretary)

·         Sabrine Yassine (Welfare Officer)

·         Ellie Woodward (Education Officer)


List of 2021 UTSSA office bearers:

Indigenous Officer: Zebadiah Cruickshank

International Students’ Officer: Luna Manandhar

Postgraduate Officer: Peter Munford

Women’s Officer: Eshna Gupta

Cultural Diversity Officer: Melodie Grafton

Environmental Officer: Roweena Ow


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