Media Release Student Community Passes a New Constitution

Media Release

​On the 17th October 2019, the UTS student community voted and passed the proposed Students’ Association Constitution during the Campus Resolution. The UTS Students’ Association welcomes the new Constitution, which contains the fundamental principles that govern our operations.

Several past Presidents along with the current President have done a lot of work in collaborating with the student community over the past couple of years. Taking that feedback forward to implement a better Constitution has been an ongoing focus for the executive team.

Given this project spanned over many years, the views of student representatives from differing terms had to be incorporated. Hence, the Constitution was presented to members of SRC and Office-Bearers to peruse months in advance of this vote. Many suggestions were recommended, and these were taken back to our legal team where amendments were made. This form of student consultation meant that the draft Constitution did not go to a vote until October. However, this process, albeit longer, meant that this Constitution had credibility going into the Campus Resolution.

"We've made a number of proposals that will essentially change the way we operate, ensuring the Constitution meets the future needs of a dynamic and growth orientated Students' Association and we were thrilled to see the passion and strong support from the UTS student community, " Mehmet Musa, UTSSA President, said.

The Students’ Association has been committed to the growth and development of programs tailored to student needs and our goal is to offer the best student framework to help students succeed.

“Equally importantly, this new Constitution will ensure our continued support for student welfare services, Collectives, and student lead activities run by the Students’ Association – all of which play an important part in the student journey at UTS,” Mr Musa concluded.

*The new Constitution is subject to approval by the university council later this month.