2018 UTSSA Election Results

2018 UTSSA Election Results

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#Uts Students’ Association Elections 2018

Returning Officer’s Report 15th October 2018
I Declare The Following Persons Elected:

President: Mehmet Musa

Secretary: Llywelyn Parry

Treasurer: Aiden More

Postgraduate Officer: Emily Maker

Women’s Officer: Mia Dabelstein

Overseas Students’ Officer: Rista Shankar

Australian Indigenous Officer: Charlotte Bedford

SRC: (10 to be elected): 

Jared Turkington, Maddie Lucre, Samuel Tiberi, Erin Dalton, Emilly Watt, Ginette Villasmil, Robert Brady, Tyler Whitlam, Jessica Respall, Zahhead Rashidi.

NUS: (7 to be elected in order of election)

Lachlan Barker, Kirra Jackson, Maddie Lucre, Erin Dalton, David Grover, Dashie Prasad, Mac Waugh.

Vertigo: Vibe for Vertigo: Sharen Samson, Susannah Newton, Lily Cameron, Elizabeth Green, Georgia Wilde.

Broadway Campus Women’s Officer:

Maddie Lucre

Broadway Campus Convenor: Kirra Jackson

Broadway Campus Secretary: Erin Dalton

Broadway Campus Committee: Daniel Forrester, Adrian Nitseh Lal, Daniel Rodriguez Martin, Llywelyn Parry, Maddie Lucre, Samuel Tiberi, Erin Dalton, Jared Turkington, Kirra Jackson, Robert Brady.

Markets Campus Women’s Officer: Emily Maker

Markets Campus Convenor: Lily Linnert

Markets Campus Secretary: Mehmet Musa

Paulene Graham Returning Officer 2018 UTS Students Association 15th October 2018​