The UTS Wom*n’s Collective is a student-run group affiliated with the UTS Students' Association, open to all wom*n-identifying students. We organise, debate and discuss issues and ideas around gender discrimination at university and in the wider community.

We meet weekly in the Wom*n’s Room, which is tucked away behind some musky lockers near the concourse café (in the Tower, room CB02.03.05). We also have chats and organise events in a forum online, at

This year we will be holding events for International Women’s Day, Blue Stockings Week and Equal Pay Day, hosting film screenings, organising rallies and actions (for example, in March we campaigned to encourage others to ‘Say No To Zoe’s Law’), attending conferences such as NOWSA, and working with other collectives on campus to hold cross-collective events. We also hope to publish a publication for our collective – the Wom*n’s Vertigo (fondly named ‘Her/ZirTigo’) of 2013 was a huge success, and you can take a look online at At present we are working on a zine around the concept of ‘Safety and Survival’.

For more info, email Sarah at