At UTS, there is a strong network of women and gender diverse students that profit from each other’s companionship, creativity, talent, inspiration and support. The UTS Women's Collective is a proud department of the UTS Students' Association. We are a group of women and gender diverse students who come together in solidarity to organise, discuss and debate issues and ideas for creating a safe and equal learning environment on campus and in the broader community more generally.

We are politically, culturally and religiously inclusive allowing for all members with different perspectives to mingle and learn from one another in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Importantly, collective members collaborate in a non-hierarchal manner to develop solutions that address gender discrimination and instead promote gender parity.

We have recently published an edition of Women's Vertigo called "I'm Not Sorry". The online edition can be found here:

We meet once per week during semester in the Women's Collective Room, CB5D.01.26, and host many different events that raise awareness on gender-specific concerns, celebrate the diversity of women and gender diverse students, and showcase their creativity and opinions. If you are interested in joining the community, getting involved with our events, or simply need someplace to have a whine and a groan, please get in touch – membership is entirely free.

The best way to get involved is by joining the Facebook group at:
Our public Facebook page is

For more info, email Lana at

We welcome any questions, ideas or concerns and look forward to meeting you.