The UTS Students' Association supports UTS students in times of need with short-term equipment loans of calculators or lab goggles, free stationery and emergency sanitary products.


Equipment Loans - Calculators and Lab Goggles

If you forget your calculator or lab goggles for an exam, assessment or practical, come and visit us!   We offer UTS students short term loans of financial calculators, scientific calculators and lab safety goggles if they are required for an exam, assesssment or class. The maximum loan period is 48 hours.

We offer three types of calculators for loan:

  • Business/Financial
  • Scientific
    Casio Fx-82AU Plus II
    Casio  Fx-100AU Plus

We also have lab goggles available if you require these for a practical exam.

How do I borrow a calculator from the Students' Association?

  1.  Complete a loan form. Download the form or pick one up at our Reception desk during office hours.
  2.  Visit the Students' Association Office to borrow your calculator or lab goggles.
     NOTE: STUDENT ID REQUIRED. We will take a copy of your student ID for security.
  3.  Return your calculator within the required 48 hours.



Visit our free stationery collection point opposite our office where you can donate, swap or take donated stationery items. 


Emergency Sanitary Products

We have a small amount of emergency sanitary pads and tampons available for UTS students at our Reception desk in times of need. 


Please note that while we endeavour to support as many students as we can, our stocks of these items are limited and can vary depending on availability.