If you identify as gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or with any other non-heterosexual or non-cisgender identity - the UTSSA Queer Collective is the place for you.

The Collective has an autonomous space (available ONLY to LGBTQAI+/Queer identifying people) located in BUILDING 5C, LEVEL 1.

The Collective has a secret Facebook group that aims to ensure that autonomy, anonymity and security of all Queer members is kept (contact the Queer Officers if you want to be added). We also run events, bar-tabbed nights, performance events and protests that are open to both queer people and non-queer identifying allies.


The Collective's aims for 2018 are to:

  • Run weekly meetings in the Queer autonomous space
  • Run IDAHOBIT Day
  • Celebrate Pride Week in the 2nd semester
  • Have a Queer Ball to end Pride Week
  • Run a Gender Neutral Bathroom campaign
  • Run a Queer Youth Homelessness campaign


Queer Officers:

The 2018 Queer Officers are Christie and Aadarsh.
The Queer Officers are always here if you have a grievance, need to talk about something, or just need to be pointed in the right direction. Contact us at queer@utsstudentsassociation.org