The Queer Collective is an open-minded and friendly group of Queer-identified students who meet on-campus. Membership is open to everyone on the Queer spectrum, whether you fit comfortably within LGBTQIA or defy labels. Amongst the Collective all sexualities and gender identities are the norm. We care about who you are, not what you are.

The Collective aims to:

  • Provide a safe space for Queer students
  • Host fun and inclusive social events
  • Be involved in political activism surrounding Queer issues
  • Encourage the personal development of Collective members
  • Allow all members to feel accepted and supported
  • Foster a sense of Queer community within UTS


In 2012 the collective celebrated our Queer ways of life on and off campus through fun movie nights, impromptu social dinners after our weekly meetings, a massive end of year picnic, and creating our very own publication; Queer Vertigo.

2013 is set to be a big year for the Queer Collective right from the start. We are holding a stall at Mardi Gras Fair Day on the 10th of Feb, having some welcome back events in the first weeks of semester, and marching in a combined campus float in the Mardi Gras parade.

The national conference Queer Collaborations is being jointly hosted by universities in Sydney this July. UTS students are co-ordinating a nationally distributed magazine, Querelle, which will be launched during the conference. We have grand plans for the magazine, but we’ll need lots of help to get it completed. If you fancy yourself a writer, artist, layout guru, editor, or fundraiser please express your interest to Ryan and James at

If you want to be involved in the Queer Collective, say hi to us at O’day or drop into one of the Queer Spaces anytime, they are open 24/7. Students based at the city campus hold collective meetings twice a week where we discuss any issues on campus or in the community and organise events. This year we hope to stir up some activity at the Kuring-gai campus, so you’re Queer at Kuring-gai let your officers know how we can help you out!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need some support feel free to contact your Queer Officers at