Campus Resolution & Constitutional Change

Campus Resolution & Constitutional Change

​Join us for free pizza and drinks at The Underground and review the Constitution. Have your voice heard!

A campus resolution has been called by the Secretary to change the UTSSA Constitution. 

Why is this important? Governance is made up of all the small things that help ensure the UTSSA is doing all the right things by you, the students. Without them, the UTSSA wouldn't be able to function in the capacity it is today. Our constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern our operation.

WHEN: 6pm, 17 October 2019
WHERE: The Underground

Motion: That the Campus Resolution on 17 October 2019 to adopt a new Constitution for the UTS Students’ Association. The Constitution is identified as the “Constitution of University of Technology Sydney Students’ Association, as adopted by University Council” King & Wood Mallesons 43887771_2.

Action point:
1. That the suggested Constitution if approved by the Campus Resolution and University Council, shall be binding on the UTS Students’ Association from 4pm Sunday 1 December 2019 until amended or changed in a manner prescribed within the new Constitution.

2. To avoid doubt all positions elected in the 2019 elections that are not provided for within the new Constitution do not cease to be applicable until the 2020 elections.

i. This means that positions that are in the current UTSSA Constitution as adopted in September 1990 and amended in June 2004 maintain their role until their term expires as per that Constitution.

ii. The new election rules from the new Constitution as stipulated in action point 1 will be applicable for the 2020 elections and beyond until amended.

Passionate about change? Read the proposed Constitution and vote this Thursday, 17 October 2019. Let your voice be heard!

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