The 2015 Co-Convenors of the Enviro Collective are AJ & Alex. You can contact them here:

What does the Enviro Collective do?

Work together towards improving our future on this planet. 
Some of the efforts we’re currently undergoing include:
Flick my switch: An effort to realise the possibility of a UTS powered 100% by renewable energy. You can bring your ideas to us and help lobby for change.
Students Association CB01.3.22 Tower Building near ACTIVATE foodcourt

Wait, what do you mean you haven’t joined yet?

The Earth: A four and a half billion year old, spherical rock orbiting around an ordinary star. To put it in perspective, if our sun was the size of a soccer ball, the earth would be  barely a speck of dust orbiting around one hundred soccer balls length away from it. The sun in turn is relatively minuscule, one of over three hundred billion stars in the milky way  galaxy, which in turn is one of around two hundred billion galaxies in the universe.

So if the Earth is just this tiny fraction of a speck in some obscure corner of the universe,  then why is it so important to protect it?

Because, it’s the only speck we have.

Right now, human activity is the primary cause for a multitude of phenomena that will impact the planet in ways that are detrimental to current and future generations. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that human activity is endangering the stable conditions that have supported the great diversity of life, including that of our own. We are part of a growing movement that wants to steer Australia in a sustainable direction, where forests and farms exist instead of coal mines, where indigenous peoples are not forced off the land for nuclear waste, where our energy comes from the sun and wind rather than fossil fuels.

UTS Enviro provides a means to enable students to take steps towards improving our future.  Some of the efforts we’re currently undergoing include: Flick my switch: An effort to realise the possibility of a UTS powered 100% by renewable energy

Quit Coal: A direct action group based in Sydney illuminating the impacts of coal based energy
Uranium Free NSW: A direct action group based in Sydney campaigning against uranium exploration and mining in NSW

What better way to spend time than making the world a better place while having fun at the same time? The enviro collective meets weekly to do just this, we’re a bunch of students that think of positive ways of investing our time and energy, and act accordingly. We have both meetings to discuss issues and campaigns as well as workshops to keep our members well informed.