Education is a right, not a privilege. It is hard to believe that some of our parents, and a lot of our country’s leaders, went to university for free, and could possibly have never been able to attend university if it wasn’t free. Universities are fast becoming businesses rather than education institutions, student autonomy is under threat with funding pressures for student run student groups and organisations. This effectively censors our efforts to expose poor performance by our universities and inform each other about education issues, and to pass on skills to help others take action on these issues.


Come to an Education Action Group meeting! You can share what you think about uni fees & coursework, or find out more about current campaigns for accessible, quality education.

If you're interested, get in touch with Kirra, the Education Vice President, at

The EAG is a group of students who meet to work on campaigns for quality education that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic or social status, limited ability or ongoing illness that affects tertiary study, or parent or carer responsibilities.


We want to send a clear message to the university that students should be in control of student affairs, as we are the best placed to understand student concerns and needs.

Are you charged anything for essential items to complete your degree? For example:

Hey Science students! How much did you pay for your lab coat and safety glasses? These are illegal course costs, because all essential items should be covered by HECS. If you’re charged for anything that is essential to complete your degree that is not covered by HECS, report it to our Campus Crime Stoppers. We are compiling your reports to take to the university and demand an end to these illegal course costs.

These are just a couple of the many campaigns that will be run by our Education and Welfare collectives and you are always welcome to start your own. There are many ways you can be involved this year, such as coming to a free public lectures at UTS and around Sydney. Why? Because education doesn’t just exist inside the classroom or the lecture theatre, and education should always be free!


If you're interested in finding out what the EAG is currently doing, or you want to get updates on the campaigns we're running, chuck us a like on Facebook (with the link to the Facebook being: )