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Academic study is demanding enough, but you might also be managing a lifestyle which incorporates living with disability or ongoing illness. You might be long used to this or just becoming newly acquainted with it.

'DAGS' are the UTS Disability Action Group of Students and have been running at UTS since May 2009. DAGS are a diverse, student-led group of undergrads and postgrads. Our aims include:

  • Providing a student voice
    Developing better representation within the governing structure of UTS for students who live and study with disabilities. Disability can add a significant additional layer to the university study experience. Over 1,000 students across both UTS campuses know this from a personal point of view. We can positively influence existing and developing university initiatives, already aimed specifically at us, from our multiple and diverse points of view.
  • Social get-togethers
    We have occasional informal get togethers which provide an opportunity to have a cuppa and a chat with fellow students who are also juggling disability/ongoing illness and university study.

One of the major projects for DAGS has been the creation of a website by UTS students with disabilities for UTS students with disabilities.  We are immensely proud of which aims to be a positive community resource to acknowledge, support and inspire students with disability who study at UTS. Recognition of our work was given when DAGS members were awarded a UTS Human Rights award in 2010 for giving voice to UTS students with disabilities through the creation and promotion of the AccessAbility website, and the founding of the Disability Action Group of Students (DAGS).

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