Tutor Consultation hours: do you want them? Make your voice heard.

In the past, students at UTS were provided with the hours that their tutors were available for face-to-face consultation.

These days, tutors are often unavailable for face-to-face consultation and there is inconsistency across faculties.

In some courses, consultation is exclusively online or sometimes the timeframe for responses can be unreliable.

We want to hear from you: is face-to-face contact with your tutors a priority for your education? Would set tutor consultation hours help you with your studies?

Sign the petition to show your support for:

- Set time limits for tutors to respond to emails; and

- Student consultation hours, to be made available and set at the discretion of the tutor and their class.

This is a petition run by the UTS Students' Association, as part of the 'What Do You Stand For' campaign.