The SRC is a team of students elected annually by the student body, to represent all UTS students. It is also the peak governing body of the UTS Students' Association (UTSSA) and is chaired by the UTSSA President.

What Does the SRC Do?

  • Facilitates representation for students and student issues to the University
  • Runs campaigns based on student initiatives
  • Participates in national education campaigns
  • Supports safer spaces on campus
  • Lobbies for reduction in course fees
  • Provides strategic direction for UTS Students' Association
  • Ensures that students are represented at all decision-making levels of the University

The SRC holds monthly meetings and discusses issues affecting students at the University, or external issues that are relevant. The SRC runs through the UTSSA. It also sets the strategic direction for the UTSSA and must provide its approval for some of the UTSSA’s activities. A further function of the SRC is to ensure that students are represented at all decision-making levels of the University. When students' voices are heard within the University bureaucracy, it prevents the student experience from being jeopardised or misrepresented through lack of student consultation or representation.

The SRC, through the UTSSA, also runs a number of campaigns around student issues. These campaigns range from campus-specific to national campaigns such as those run by the National Union of Students (NUS), including those targeting the quality of our education, safety on campus, an end to illegal course costs and decreasing HECS.

How is the SRC Chosen?

Students nominate to run for an SRC position and are elected to SRC positions by the UTS Student body. Elections are held annually in October and all UTS students are eligible to vote.

Contact your SRC with any issues you feel are relevant to your study at UTS. Email the President and/or Secretary - they can help get in contact with the SRC members.

Come to an SRC Meeting. Any UTS student is welcome to attend an SRC meeting. We have these monthly to discuss issues affecting UTS students. Check out our calendar to find out when the next meeting is:

Join a Collective. Collectives & Departments represent specific groups within UTS, they have regular meetings and can work with the SRC. Each collective has an Office Bearer and/or Convenor that you can contact for more details. Collectives & their contact details include:












If you have any questions regarding the acronyms above, or anything else regarding student representation, feel free to contact your student representatives. We are more than happy to have a discussion with you to clarify any confusion, to hear your concerns about an issue that needs to be addressed!