Student Legal Service Access free legal advice on a range of matters.

Student Legal Service

#What we do?

All students currently enrolled at UTS have access to free legal advice.

Legal advice is provided on a range of matters including tenancy, employment, traffic and criminal offences, civil matters, consumer claims, debts, family issues, business, and many other areas. The UTSSA Student Legal Service can also certify documents as true copies, and witness statutory declarations and other formal documents.

The service is run by a solicitor who is assisted by two trainee lawyers. All legal advice is provided by the solicitor and all matters are dealt with in strict confidence.


Contact us for an appointment, or drop in when we are open.



02 9514 2484

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UTS Tower Building 1, level 5, room 12.

opening times

Opening Hours

Tue / Wed: 10am – 4pm
Thu: 11am – 8pm

When emailing for an appointment, please provide:

  • Your name;
  • Your Student ID;
  • The nature of your legal problem – eg tenancy/employment/family law/traffic charge etc, and some brief details of what has happened, and what you are after; and
  • 3 different times when you could come and see us, when we are open.

Please note that the UTSSA Student Legal Service doesn’t provide advice on visa or migration matters, or on any issues that you may have against UTS.