PERC Clubs & Societies

PERC Clubs & Societies

#Want to make a new PERC Club or Society?

All you need is four or more UTS Students to form a club or society that can affiliate with the Students’ Association. Clubs affiliate to use our facilities and resources, such as meeting rooms and advertising boards.

#How to Affiliate a PERC Club with the Students’ Association:

Complete a “Club Affiliation Application Pack” either by emailing, or visiting our office.

  1. Have your FIRST MEETING and take notes (minutes)
  2. Submit your application to  including:
    a. Constitution
    b. Minutes of the first meeting
    c. Member details

The application is reviewed by the President or Student Representative Council (SRC). Once approved you will receive an email confirming your affiliation.

Please note: PERC clubs are not a department or service of the UTSSA, nor do they express opinions or views on behalf of the UTSSA.

#Explore PERC clubs

Please explore the affiliated PERC clubs to see if you are interested in joining. Clubs which are currently affiliated with the UTSSA include:

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