Nomination Information

(all positions except Vertigo Editors)


Nominations close 2pm Monday 21st September 2015


The election is governed by the UTS Students’ Association Constitution as amended and the Election Regulation as amended. Copies are available at the Association Office at Broadway.


This document contains summary information taken from the principal documents and should be read very CAREFULLY.


1. Eligibility

Any person who is a registered student at UTS is eligible to stand for election and to vote. For some positions there are additional requirements for persons wishing to stand and/or vote. They are:

§  Postgraduate Officer to be elected by and from postgraduate students

§  Women’s Officer to be elected by and from women students

§  Overseas Students’ Officer to be elected by and from students who hold a current Overseas Student Visa. (This Visa must be shown to the Returning Officer)

§  An Australian Indigenous Officer to be elected by and from Australian Indigenous Students

§  Campus positions to be elected by and from students where the particular campus is the principal place of study.

Students cannot nominate for a position they are not eligible to vote for.


2. How to nominate



The nomination of a candidate for election shall be made in writing on the Nomination Form, signed by three (3) students eligible to vote and countersigned by the candidate indicating her/his willingness to accept the nomination.


Candidates may also submit a policy statement and a photograph to appear in the election edition of Vertigo (this is not compulsory but advised). Photos must have the candidates name on the back. If the photo is larger than the candidate wishes to be published they should mask out the area they do not wish to appear. Emails and discs can be a good idea but they must also be accompanied by a typed copy.


Policy statements must be submitted before the close of nominations and must not be longer than 250 words, except that candidates for President, Treasurer, and Secretary may submit statements up to 500 words. Candidates for Women’s Officer, Overseas Students’ Officer and Campus Convenor may submit statements up to 350 words. List statements may be up to the sum of the individual entitlements; any surplus may be assigned to individual candidates by the list.


Policy Statements must not be in breach of electoral Regulation 17.1.7 which states that all members and associates of the Students’ Association are prohibited from:


            Making any misleading statement in oral or written form


Candidates who wish to nominate for more than one position should submit separate nomination forms and should indicate their preference on the nomination forms.


3. Group Nominations

Candidates who wish to be grouped together by mutual consent on the Ballot Paper must first complete an individual nomination form with three nominators and then signify their willingness to be part of a List by signing the List Grouping Form which must be submitted along with all the nominations for persons on the list prior to the close of nominations.

Any person nominated as a list agent should be aware that it is their responsibility to pass on to the candidates on their list any information given to them by the Returning Officer.


Group nominations are possible where there is more than one position available for a particular office, for example Student Representative Councillors. When a number of people wish to be grouped together they may run under a common name and policy statement. It is important that the group policy statement accompany the group list.


4. Submitting Nominations

Nomination forms, policy statements, photographs and ticket nomination forms may be mailed to reach the Returning Officer’s postal address no later than 2pm Monday 21 September 2015 or alternatively, may be received at the Association Office at Broadway, on Monday 21 September from 12noon to 2pm. 


Please attempt to submit all nomination material together – if you are unable to do this please ensure that each subsequent submission is clearly marked as to its origin.


NOMINATIONS CLOSE AT 2PM ON Monday 21 SEPTEMBER 2015. Nominations, List Grouping Forms, or policy statements and photos received after this time will not be accepted under any circumstances.


5. Draw of Positions on the Ballot Paper.

This will take place at 4 pm Monday 21 September at the Association Office Broadway. List Agents should be present or represented at the draw. Candidates may also be present.


6. Candidates Meeting

A candidates meeting will be held at the Students’ Association Office, Broadway following the draw for ballot paper positions on 21 September. Further information about the running of the election and campaigning will be distributed to candidates at this time.


It is important that candidates receive this information – if you cannot attend the meeting please contact the Returning Officer.


7. Behaviour During the Election

Aggressive, offensive, racist, sexist, or intimidatory behaviour or material from candidates or their supporters will not be tolerated.


8. Further Information

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Returning Officer on Tel: 9514 1155; Mobile 0409 602 962





Christine Kibble

Returning Officer

1 September 2014

Postal Address:The Returning Officer

UTS Students’ Association

PO Box 123

Broadway   NSW  2007