Report hidden course costs to:

What Fees?

Despite the fact that we pay large fees for our degrees (either upfront or deferred on HECS) everyone knows we have added costs when we get to uni. Textbooks, uniforms, software, excursion costs... often subjects come with their own hidden price tag just to make sure you can get through the semester.

Why Do We Call Them Illegal?

The Higher Education Support Act prohibits universities from charging compulsory fees on top of HECS or university fees. Yet students continue to be charged. And the number of things we pay for is growing as funding to universities is declining.

What Are We Doing?

NUS and the UTSSA want to see universities held accountable for the extra financial strains they are placing on students. We are already fighting against common additional costs like replacement student ID cards and academic transcripts. But that's just the beginning.

The real crimes are happening in the classroom with costs that are unique to specific subjects and degrees. We want to stop these, but we need to know where they are. With your help we aim to identify as many illegal course costs on campus as possible, so that NUS and the UTSSA can use this information to lobby universities and the government to stop robbing students.

Report Your Crime!

Do you know of any subjects that have compulsory resources, assessments, uniforms or other materials that students have to purchase?

Email us at and report your crime.


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