Get Involved:

Join the Education Action Team and help take action to pressure the university to make changes that benefit students.

2010 saw the beginning of the transition to Julia Gillard's deregulated model of higher education. The Government's cap that limits the enrollment numbers for courses has been periodically lifted since then, and for the first time - from 2012 onwards - it has been removed completely. The funding has now changed from being per place offered in the course to per student enrolled in the course.

This means universities have new pressures to reach enrollment targets so they have adequate funding. It also brings new freedom in course diversity and enrollment numbers - essentially the university can decide how many places they offer in a course. Our concern is that the university will only offer courses they can get high enrollment in which may result in course cuts and higher enrollment in popular courses.

We want to make sure that the university is held accountable and that it provides teaching of the highest quality. We need to make sure that the quality of our education is not being compromised by enrollment targets.

We need to have the appropriate class sizes, resources quality, tutor availability, assessment load, access to resources (including library), infrastructure and facilities.

The UTS Students' Association is conducting the NUS Quality Survey this year. We are inviting all students to get involved and identify the areas in their studies that need improvement.